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RELEASED: April 30, 2017
- 10 minutes, 4K Ultra HD
- Supports our production efforts!

Stunning 22 year-old Japanese model Juri understandably gets a lot of attention from men.  I mean…just imagine if you saw her walking down a street in your home country.  Would not your jaw drop?  Mine certainly did.
But instead of humping her leg as soon as she came in the door like a horny dog in heat, the gentleman in me took several deep breaths and got to know her a little.  Genuinely sweet and girly but confident in herself, Juri’s balance of sexiness and friendliness proved to be an enormous turn-on.
Juri embodies what I hope to express with the Covert Japan project—the “otherworldly beauty of Japanese women.”  This girl’s got it.  Big time.
- I had a hard time deciding on one camera angle to use for a few scenes, so I included some bonus footage from the other angle at the end.
- As always, feedback is appreciated as long as you’re not an asshole about it.