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天使のようなMAOちゃん - はじめての外人SEX

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RELEASED: June 17, 2017
- 52 minutes, 4K Ultra HD
- English subtitles
- More positions
- Cumshot
- Supports our production efforts!

Angelic 22 year-old Korean-Japanese Mao is a fatal combination of cute and sexy that shot through my heart like a Bon Jovi ballad.  Her gentle laid-back attitude, radiant smile, and tiny 152 cm frame had me swirling in the pleasures that only such feminine Asian beauty can supply.  As it was her first non-Asian sex experience, she was a bit nervous in the beginning, but soon unchained her casual yet passionate self.
At her request I refrained from jerking off for a tortuous 3 whole days.  In exchange she offered me her delectably shaved mini pussy.  Thus, when climax time came, I spewed 2 liters of my reproductive white boy love pudding all over her perfect little chest and even up onto her face--surprising both of us and ending our lovemaking with a smile.  What a great fuckin' day!