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RELEASED: February 5, 2018
- 62 minutes, 4K Ultra HD
- English subtitles
- More positions
- Cumshot
- Supports our production efforts!

NOTE: This is a Focus Army brand (pixelated) release.

21 year-old Emi has such an abundance of that Japanese cuteness bursting from her tiny 148cm frame that I could almost die. She’s the Japanese girlfriend dreams are made of, complete with an adorable pixie haircut.
I must’ve been Japanese in a past life because girls like Emi are the subject of countless masturbatory fantasies. And living such a fantasy is heaven on earth.
Her cuteness was coupled with a rousing sexual energy that gave me goosebumps throughout our unforgettable love-making session. Her smoking-hot lithe body, flawless breasts, youthful J-girl moans, and plump but tight little ass ripe for spanking edged me ever closer and closer to an intense orgasm that drenched her in my white boy baby batter. My aim and distance must be getting better (or worse?) because a sizable cum squirt nailed her square in the eye--an apt conclusion to an awesome fucking lay.