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RELEASED: March 27, 2018
- 54 minutes, 4K Ultra HD
- English subtitles
- More positions
- Bareback
- 2 Cumshots

NOTE: This is a Focus Army brand (pixelated) release.

Originally from the tropical island prefecture of Okinawa, 22 year-old Yuki sports a steaming hot bikini body and a passionate personality to match.  It came as no surprise that she indeed works as a bikini and lingerie model, appearing in various women’s clothing catalogs and travel flyers distributed in Asia.

Fortunately for us she recently decided to further embrace her love of all things lusty and erotic and enter the titillating world of nude modeling and porn.  After getting to know her and her heavenly body a bit, she blew my flaccid cock to a rockin’ pole-like erection. 

Round one was over almost as soon as it began.  My cock and cum-laden balls couldn’t hold back as my bareback member experienced Yuki’s juicy shaved Okinawan pussy full-force.  Luckily, I stored up plenty of extra sperm to go for round 2.

Enjoying newfound control in round 2, we pounded away and wallowed in the pleasures of cross-cultural intercourse.  I couldn’t get enough of her voluminous tropical ass as we fucked and fucked and fucked.  Even our skin color contrast was a massive turn-on.

Finally ending up back in missionary (Yuki’s favourite), I felt a sudden rush of pleasure and spewed my round 2 juices all over her perfect feminine figure.

Cum visit Okinawa!